We’re here to change the landscape for leather products

Our founders are scientists, material engineers, and executives who spent years in the outdoor industry and saw first-hand the environmental impacts of inefficient and wasted materials. That’s why they saw value in creating a use for materials that would otherwise be discarded and became committed to helping solve one of the biggest environmental issues facing our planet.

Rooted in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County, we’re focused on developing new technologies to maximize the use of waste and material utilization, all while using environmentally friendly processing. Our unique process of recycling scrap leather helps create circularity and provides a sustainable solution for many companies to integrate into their supply chains.

We also help companies meet their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.

Scrap Problem

There is about 50% of waste in the leather industry. Our process keeps leather scraps out of landfills.

Cost Competitive

It is competitively priced and when considering the total cost of use, our products have a compelling advantage.


Increases Yield

Our product offers consistent width, thickness, and length, which has a significant impact on yield.

Creates Circularity

Our products are “evergreen”, meaning products can be upcycled over and over, creating the circularity that many companies are seeking.

Meet our team

don morrison

Don Morrison


Don Morrison is a serial entrepreneur with extensive growth and organizational experience.

tom tymon

Tom Tymon


Tom Tymon is an expert in substrate chemistry and industrial engineering.

frank fox

Frank Fox


Frank Fox has 30 years of experience in the manufacturing sector.

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