Why is leather scrap waste an issue?

There is about 50% of waste in the leather industry due to the irregular shape and thickness of leather hides. This amounts to about 3.5 billion pounds of scrap that must either be incinerated (which creates CO2) or landfilled (which creates methane).  Methane is 28 times more harmful than CO2 to the environment.  Sustainable Composites has the best technology to address the large and growing problem.

How does our Enspire-Cutting Room Scrap Program Work? 

Many of our customers have asked us if we can help them with their leather scrap waste problem. (We said “yes”). We essentially take customers' scrap and process it utilizing our patented technology to make an upcycled material that meets the customer's material properties specifications. We are capable of processing many different types of leather waste streams; however, because our technology is waste stream specific, we need to enter into a separate Services Agreement for each unique waste stream.

How does our Enspire Post-Consumer Upcycling program work?

Our customers first engage with our designated 3rd party deconstruction company. They provide us with the deconstructed scrap leather that we upcycle into a usable material, much like our Cutting Room Scrap Program.

More questions about Sustainable Composites?

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